Thank you in all languages

Thank you in all languages

How to Say “Thank you” in the World’s Most Spoken Languages
Saying thank you in the local language is one of the simplest things you can do in order to improve your experiences abroad. It will give you smiles and perhaps even the start of friendships or memorable encounters.

The Origins of Saying Thank You : In English, the term ‘thank’ actually derives from the Latin term tongēre, which is more closely related to the word ‘think.’ In essence, the term first meant “I will remember what you did or have done for me.” Though this meaning differs somewhat from the modern conception of ‘thank you,’ it does resemble a form of gratitude.

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How to say thank you in the 10 most common languages
All of the following languages each have at least than 200 million native speakers worldwide! Thus, learning how to say thank you in these languages could prove to be very useful. So, here are 10 ways to say thank you in different languages around the world:

? English: Thank you

? Mandarin Chinese: She-eh She-eh (謝謝)

? Hindi: Den-yee-niv-ahd (धन्यवाद)

? Spanish: Grah-see-us (Gracias)

? French: Mare-see (Merci)

? Arabic: Shuh-crahn-luh-come (شكرا لكم)

? Bengali: Hon-yuh-bahd (ধন্যবাদ)

? Russian: Spy-see-bah (Спасибо)

? Portuguese: Oh-bree-gah-doe (Obrigado)

? Indonesian: Teh-ree-mah kah-see (Terima kasih)

How to say thank you in European languages
Now that we’ve covered the most well-known languages on the planet, we should continue on toward a few normal languages by locale. In this way, the following are 30 methods for saying thank you in various languages of Europe:

? German: Dahnk-uh (Danke)

? Turkish: Teh-sheh-coor ed-eh-duhm (Teşekkür ederim)

? Italian: Gratz-eh (Grazie)

? Ukrainian: Dya-koo-ee-you (Дякую)

? Polish: Djen-koo-eh-chee (Dziękuję Ci)

? Dutch: Dahnk-hyeh (Dank je)

? Romanian: Mool-tsoo-mesk (Mulțumesc)

? Czech: Deck-oo-you (Děkuju)

? Hungarian: Kuh-suh-nem (Köszönöm)

? Greek: Sahs-eef-ha-ree-stow (σας ευχαριστώ)

? Swedish: Tack (Tack)

? Bulgarian: Boh-gull-dah-ree-ah (Благодаря ти)

? Catalan: Grah-see-us (Gràcies)

? Danish: Tack-scale-do-have (Tak skal du have)

? Slovak: Jah-quee-ehm (Ďakujem)

? Finnish: Key-dose (Kiitos)

? Lithuanian: ah-chew (Ačiū)

? Galician: Grath-us (Grazas)

? Slovenian: Huh-vah-luh-vahm (Hvala vam)

? Latvian: Pahl-dee-es (Paldies)

? Basque: Eh-scare-ee-ask-oh (Eskerrik asko)

? Estonian: Ah-ee-tah (aitäh)

? Serbian: Hvall-uh-fahm (Хвала вам)

? Croatian: Hvall-uh-fahm (Hvala vam)

? Maltese: Grah-tsee (Grazzi)

? Welsh: Dee-olh (Diolch)

? Irish Gaelic: Gur-uv mee-la mah ah-guth (Go raibh maith agat)

? Scottish Gaelic: Tah-puh-lot (Tapadh leat)

? Albanian: Fah-lehm-mean-deh-reet (Faleminderit)

? Luxembourgish: Mare-see (Merci)

How to say thank you in African languages
However it might seem like we’ve covered a ton of ways of saying thank you in various languages, we’re not even mostly finished! Along these lines, how about we perceive how to say thank you in various languages of Africa:

? Swahili: Ah-sahn-teh (Asante)

? Amharic: Ah-me-seh-gih-nah-leh-hu-ah (አመሰግናለሁ)

? Yoruba: Oh-soon (O ṣeun)

? Oromo: Gah-lah-tome (Galatoomi)

? Afrikaans: Dahn-key (Dankie)

? Hausa: Guhd-ee-ah (Godiya)

? Igbo: Dah-loo (Daalụ)

? Zulu: Gee-yah-bong-ah (Ngiyabonga)

? Shona: Dah-ten-duh (Ndatenda)

? Somali: Mah-sen-teh-hey (Mahadsan tahay)

? Berber: Ten-meers (ⵜⴰⵏⵎⵎⵉⵔⵜ.)

How to say thank you in Middle Eastern languages
However Arabic is the most well-known language spoken in the Middle East, there are many different languages and vernaculars all through the locale. In this way, the following are 10 additional ways of saying thank you in various languages of the Middle East:

? Hebrew: Toe-dah (תודה)

? Kurdish: Su-pas (Spas)

? Persian: Moo-shoo-sha-kuh-rahm (متشکرم)

? Urdu: Ahv-gah-shoo-pree-ah (آپ کا شکریہ)

? Uzbek: Rah-hmat (رحمت)

? Baluchi: Mihn-not-wahr (منتوارون شومئ)

? Zazaki: Bear-who-dar (Berxudar)

? Dari: Tuh-shay-curr (.تشكر)

? Tajik: See-pose (сипос)

? Kurmanji: Su-pas (Spas)

How to Say Thank You in Asian Languages
At last, we will investigate how to say thank you in the absolute most normal languages across Southeast Asia and the Asian Subcontinent. Along these lines, the following are 20 methods for saying thank you in various languages of Asia:

? Malay: Ter-ee-mah kah-see (Terima kasih)

? Bangla: Hun-ya-bahd (ধন্যবাদ)

? Japanese: Ah-ree-gah-toe (ありがとう)

? Punjabi: Dahn-wahd (ਧੰਨਵਾਦ)

? Filipino: Sah-lah-maht (Salamat)

? Marathi: Dahn-ya-vahd (धन्यवाद)

? Korean: Gahm-sah (감사)

? Vietnamese: Cahm-uhn-bahn (cảm ơn bạn)

? Thai: khop-kuhn (ขอบคุณ)

? Kannada: Dahn-ya-vah-dah-gah-do (ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು)

? Gujarati: Ahb-har (આભાર)

? Malayalam: Nahn-dee (നന്ദി)

? Odia: Dahn-ya-bahd (ଧନ୍ୟବାଦ)

? Telugu: Dahn-ya-vah-dah-loo (ధన్యవాదాలు)

? Tamil: Nahn-ree (நன்றி)

? Burmese: Cheh-joo-tchen-bah-ray (ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ်)

? Kashmiri: Shoo-kree-ah (शुकिया)

? Mongolian: Bah-yehr-la (баярлалаа)

? Khmer: Sohm ah-kuhn (សូមអរគុណ)

? Lao: Kawp-Jai (ຂອບ​ໃຈ)

How to say Thank You in Indian Languages:
Have you ever wondered how people from different parts of the world say Thank You? Have you ever wondered how our Tamil friends thank others or how a Spanish thanks in his/her language. Have you not wondered how to say Thank You in Arabic or Urdu. Let us know how to say Thank You in Indian languages

? Assamese: ধন্যবাদ (dhoinnobad)

? Bengali: তোমাকে ধন্যবাদ

? Bodo: Sabaikor

? Dogri: धन्नबाद

? Gujarati: આભાર (Ābhāra)

? Hindi: धन्यवाद (dhanyavaad)

? Kannada: ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು

? Kashmiri: शुकिया / شکریہ (shukriya)

? Konkani: दिनवास

? Malayalam: നന്ദി (nandi)

? Manipuri: ꯊꯥꯒꯠꯆꯔꯤ (thā-gət-chə-ri)

? Marathi: धन्यवाद (dhanyavaad)

? Maithili: धन्यवाद (dhanyavaad)

? Nepali: धन्यवाद (dhanyavaad)

? Oriya: ଧନ୍ୟବାଦ

? Punjabi: ਤੁਹਾਡਾ ਧੰਨਵਾਦ (Tuhāḍā dhanavāda)

? Sanskrit: अनुगृहितोऽस्मि (for men) अनुगृहितास्मि (for women)

? Santhali: Adi Johar

? Sindhi: توهان جي مهرباني

? Tamil: நன்றி (Naṉṟi)

? Telugu: ధన్యవాదాలు (Dhan’yavādālu)

? Urdu: آپ کا شکریہ

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